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Welcome to The Campus Rep

Campus Reps create a new type of local marketing to target some of the most desired customers in the country. Brands of all sizes (from non-profits to startups to Fortune 500's) have been running Campus Rep programs for years and have been experiencing new types of success. The Campus Rep is an online platform to connect you (the business) with the top students in the country who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make your brand rise to the top on their campuses.

What We Do

The Campus Rep is the #1 medium to connect students looking for part-time marketing experience with brands looking for hyperlocal marketing and market intelligence. Once a brand creates a profile and successfully posts a campus rep listing, the company can browse through student profiles and resumes that have been submitted to those listings. We collect profiles from students around the country on all types of campuses, and are excited to facilitate the hiring process for brands and students. We work hard to provide brands with a flexible and inexpensive pricing model and ensure a positive experience with TheCampusRep.com!