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Who is The Campus Rep?

The Campus Rep is an outgoing, engaged and well-connected student on campus. The Campus Rep promotes a brand as a part-time job and can represent a non-profit, Fortune 500, or a startup... The job may consist of giving out brand swag, hosting events, running local marketing efforts, and much more. Many reps are paid top dollars for their work while other reps get thousands of dollars of swag... Some reps even get full-time job offers after their part-time work! One thing is clear about the Campus Rep job: it gives any student great marketing experience, a great resume filler, and--most importantly--an unforgettable experience during college.

What is The Campus Rep?

The Campus Rep is your way of connecting with businesses looking to hire campus reps. Students create a profile and browse through + apply for jobs through our website for free, and then (hopefully) get hired by the best companies in the country!

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